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November 8, 2012
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The knife stuck out of the back of the man's head. Paul hadn't even seen her throw it. How could it have gone through his skull?
"Soft spot," Maya said tapping the back of her neck in the approximate area where the hilt grew out of the dead guy's head.
"You killed him."
"You think? We have to move." She dragged him along, out past the two metal doors taller than he. Outside he inhaled cold, fresh air.
Paul looked back. He'd been in some kind of storage container and now this woman, Maya, had killed a man and he was watching her breath make lung shaped clouds in the air and the way her but moved as she stalked ahead of him. Then she had a hand on his chest and a finger to her lips with the international sign for 'shut the fuck up'. She dropped, falling into a feral crouch, all her weight on the balls of her feet. A figure rounded the corner of the storage container, she took him down like a lithe predator on Animal Planet. The guy didn't stand a chance.
Paul was about to point out she'd killed another one when Maya dragged him along again. They were in a maze of cargo containers stacked three high like Legos. Occasionally Paul could catch the skeletal arm of a huge lifting crane slung out above the dark, glassy water of the port.
She navigated the labyrinth of containers quicker than Paul could keep up. He decided it was easier just to let her bring him along, like a current in the wake of a huge ship.
Near the pier she pressed him toward the ground with one hand. Her neatly trimmed nails reflected shiny red polish in the light of the moon, the first indication he'd seen that she cared about her appearance.
Maya gave him a look then, one that said she'd noticed him noticing her.
Paul rubbed the puncture wound where she'd injected him.
"Who are you?"
"I'm the girl that's going to save your ass, Paul.
"I thought... I thought you were with them."
She pushed him forward, out toward the empty black of night sky and sea.
"I'm not." She unwound a black nylon rope tied to one of the pylons, pointed to the water. A rubber Zodiac raft floated there, moving slightly with the rising tide.
"How do I know you're really trying to help me?" He almost felt rude, after what she'd done. White front teeth bit her lower lip for a second as she thought about it.
"Because if you don't, Paul, I'll kill you right here."
She had a point. He got in the raft.
Chap 4
Format got screwed in upload. This submission process is odd. Sorry if it's hard to read. I don't know how to fix it. Possibly with a hammer.
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